Hemisphere Leaseholder Action Group


The Hemisphere Leaseholder Action Group (HemLAG) was formed to support leaseholders at the Hemisphere Apartments in Edgbaston, Birmingham, who are caught up in the cladding scandal.

Daily Mail launches cladding campaign

By | News

Jan 05, 2021

The Daily Mail has launched a major campaign to support leaseholders and tenants affected by cladding issues, calling on Ministers to “fix Britain’s dangerous homes within 18 months and to spare leaseholders the crippling financial burdens.” The Mail is demanding that repairs be completed by June 2022 and that the Government provide the necessary funding […]



The primary aim of HemLAG is to publicise the impact on Hemisphere leaseholders and, together with other action groups, to lobby government to end the cladding scandal. We would love for you to be part of this.



We’re all facing the same issues and have to come up with ways of dealing with them. If you have an idea that might help others, let us know and we’ll share it.


We have a Twitter account @hem_lag to share important information so please follow us to keep up to date. We promise to follow back!


You are not alone in your fight against the cladding scandal. Use this site to connect with your neighbours and with the thousands of similarly affected leaseholders around the country.

Tell Your Story

Do you have a personal story about how this situation has affected you? We want to make your voice heard. Please contact us to share your story.

Our Stories highlights the impact of the cladding crisis on some of our residents.

Stories from other Birmingham leaseholders affected by this issue can be found on the BrumLAG Testimonials page

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